270Catholic is all about community, none of us should go through this life alone. Growing in your faith is so much more rewarding with others. 270Catholic supports the development of small faith groups all over Montgomery County. If you are interested in growing deeper in faith with other young adults take a moment and check out our small groups!

Small group doesn’t mean “forever”, so if you are looking to join short 4 to 8 week long small groups make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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small group for mothers

Rockville small group for mothers with young children (right now our kids are ages 0-5), meets 3x a month: Thursday evening for a discussion on a Catholic book, and another Thursday evening for a social.  Additional monthly play date for kids on a Friday morning.  Contact Jennifer McCarthy at for more information.

Gaithersburg small group

Gaithersburg Small Group is for young Catholic adults who want to grow deeper in a small faith community. The group meets once a week either to grow together in faith or just simply to hang out. Contact Peter Amaya at for more information.

st. elizabeth small group

St. E’s young adult small group meets on Sundays in the parish “cry room” after morning Mass. The best way to contact the small group leaders for more information is through the small group Facebook page. You can also reach the leadership team for the small group by emailing

st. mary small group

St. Mary’s young adult community hosts a weekly Bible Study after Mass each Sunday. If you are interested in deepening your understanding of the Sunday readings and the rest of the Bible you are more than welcome to join the small group! Contact Thomas Patchan with St. Mary’s Office of Religious Education at

other small groups?

Have we missed a small group that you know about? If so please reach out to us and let us know about other Catholic small groups in the area that are welcoming to new members! you can reach us by email at

follow us!

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Any questions? Contact us at and we will make sure to get back to you!